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WTF??!!! What the Hell Happened??!!! Those were the first thoughts to come to mind when news of the COC meeting in Waco, TX came out. The events there prompted a last minute re-write of this month's Editor's Letter. We never expected to be addressing anything like the events in Waco this month. We currently are, and have been for years, members of the Alabama Confederation of Clubs. We were members before taking over Thunder Roads of AL/FL Pan. This type of thing doesn't happen at a COC meeting, part of the COC's purpose is to avoid altercations between clubs.

At the time of this writing it's a bit too early to know, definitively, what happened. All of the initial information about the events that occurred came from the Waco Police. Anyone having the slightest familiarity with motorcycle clubs could tell this information wasn't making much sense. Anyone who might tell a different story was swept up in all of the arrests. Regardless of the validity of the Waco Police version of events, arresting everyone in the vicinity wearing a patch, charging them with RICO violations and hanging a million dollar bond on them is extreme. What little information that has come out in the days immediately afterward seems to cast further suspicion on the police story. There is plenty of speculation going on so we don't need to get into it here. Bull, owner of Dirty Deeds Motorcycle Company and Vice Chairman of the Alabama COC, wrote an article for this issue that looks at the Waco incident from a perspective that many people may not have considered. We are glad he wrote it and think you will find it interesting too.

Motorcycle Clubs are not "gangs" and they certainly are not scouring the roadways seeking to perpetrate crime and violence on anyone crossing their path. Every weekend during the event season there are patchholders from all sorts of clubs mingling together to have a good time and/or support a worthy cause without incident. The notion that patchholders suddenly need to be feared and shunned because of what happened in Waco is silly. They are the same people they were before Waco happened. Hopefully the truth about what happened in Waco will come out soon and the responsible parties will be held accountable. Our prayers go out to the families hurt by this terrible tragedy.

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As always, thank you for joining us on this incredible ride. Keep the shiny side up. We'll see you down the road.

Living Life Behind Bars,

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