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Here it is July already and there are still more questions than answers about what happened at the COC meeting in Waco, TX. Nine lives were lost that day and nearly 200 others were arrested. Even if the Waco Police thought, in the heat of the moment, that it was necessary to detain that many people to sort out what happened, the fact that they are still being held with an outrageous amount of bail and no prospects of release in the near future is unconscionable. The vast majority of those arrested have no prior criminal records or had anything to do with whatever the altercation was that started everything. These people have businesses, jobs and families that depend on them. They are teetering on the brink of financial ruin while the police play hide and seek with evidence that could exonerate them.

In addition to the tragic loss of life and the denial of basic civil liberties to so many people is the appalling fact that no one seems to give a shit! Virtually no mainstream media outlet is investigating the Waco tragedy. Almost 200 people are swept up by the government and locked away indefinitely and nobody in the press raises an eyebrow?!! WTF!!! This kind of crap happens in third world dictatorships, NOT in the United States of America! Or so we have been led to believe. The news media is supposed to hold government's feet to the fire for the protection of the people. Instead they seem to be fetching the government's slippers and cozying up by the fire with them. The mainstream press is content to regurgitate the "official" spin or simply ignore the situation altogether. The mainstream press is obviously too lazy to do their job and everything they report on should be questioned. We the people need to point out injustice when we see it and scream loudly to correct it, the mainstream press doesn't care. Thunder Roads of AL/FL Pan will do our best to keep you informed on this to the extent we can. We invite you all to join us in praying for all of those affected by this senseless tragedy and injustice.

While we are in the realm of WTF?!! What is going on with the sudden rejection of the Confederate Battle Flag? There seems to be little to no regard for this historic symbol in the national media. The PC police are on a march to distort history and sully the reputation of brave Confederate veterans. Spineless politicians are eagerly pandering to an overzealous, loudmouthed minority of agitators obfuscating the truth to further their own deceitful agendas. This month's cover and calendar picture shows where Thunder Roads of AL/FL Pan stands. Don't surrender to the thought police and their agitator minions.

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Living Life Behind Bars,

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